Allan Baldwin: In Frame


The moko, or facial tattoo of Maori women reflects an ancient and spiritual culture

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Year Produced: 2013
Running time: 52 minutes
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In the 60s Allan Baldwin, then a young photographer, travelled through Aotearoa (New Zealand), obsessed with preserving the image of the moko, a Maori tattoo put on the chins of the Kuia women. Allan Baldwin looks back on that time, uncovering his memories and a moving collection of photographs, some seen for the first time.
The culture of the moko, their beautifully crafted facial tattoos, is vitally important to the Maori people. One woman explains ‘I’ve been carrying my people on my back all these years and now I ‘m going to carry them on my face’.
Allan Baldwin has captured these mokos, and with them the beauty and wisdom of an ancient and fragile culture rarely encountered.
This beautifully observed documentary examines an extraordinary spiritual society and a sensitive artist, asking powerful questions about the balance between maintaining tradition and living in the modern world.

52 mins

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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