Alcohol Trigger Films


Discussion starters on alcohol, for young people

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Year Produced: 1995
Running time: 58 minutes
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A series of six short films designed to encourage discussion with young people on alcohol-related topics.  In the Middle (8 mins) 14 year old Kanay finds himself caught between the wishes of his parents and the encouragement of his friends to drink. Useful for exploring conflicts between generations and between cultures. Losing Out (10 mins) The causes and consequences of a simple accident. How an alcohol related incident can spread to affect many people. Happy Birthday (8 mins) Tension mounts during what is supposed to be a happy family meal to celebrate the father’s birthday. Each member of the family thinks and behaves differently where alcohol is concerned. Rounds  (7 mins) Tom finds himself caught up in round buying. As more people join the group he is increasingly aware that he is losing control of the situation. It’s Up to You (5 mins) A snap decision has to be made whether or not to drink and drive. The pressures and practical issues are highlighted. Rules of the Game (20 mins) an unusual film which uses mime to show some of the rules which might be adopted when it comes to drinking. Complete series on one DVD.

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