Aggression in Young Children


Interactive DVD showing early childhood aggression, observing, understanding and intervening.

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Producer: University of Montreal
Year Produced: 2010
Running time: 420 minutes
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Is aggression a normal part of the behaviour of young children – and when and how should we intervene?
Is hitting, biting and bullying, really the normal behaviour of many young children? If it is, when does such behaviour start and when and how should we intervene to stop it?
These are just two of the fundamental questions about bullying in children which are asked and answered in the Aggression in Young Children DVD.
And these are fundamental questions, because if we do consider aggression to be a normal part of young children’s behaviour, then that will affect the way we deal with it at school.
Indeed the question above also raises the point: if it is normal, surely if we leave it alone, it will stop on its own. If not, why not.
But then we are still left with the question, “why are some children more aggressive than others?” And indeed we need to ask, when should we start to worry?
“Aggression in Young Children” is an interactive DVD showing early childhood aggression, and which explores the issues of observing, understanding and intervening in relation to such behaviour.
This two-disc DVD set uses direct observations filmed in natural settings and includes exercises, quizzes and interviews with experts on childhood aggression.
It is a comprehensive guide aimed at parents, educators and anyone interested in early childhood development, prepared by Jean Gervais, Ph.D and Richard E. Tremblay Ph.D. of the University of Montreal, Canada.