A Personal First Aid Kit


A technique for self care particularly for counsellors.

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Producer: Mike Simmons
Year Produced: 2012
Running time: 51 minutes
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Jacqui Atkinson demonstrates an easily taught technique for self care that can be of benefit to anybody experiencing stress of any sort. In a guided conversation she helps a ‘client’ to develop a ‘first aid kit’ that he can draw on whenever he needs to – a resource that will always be available and always be familiar.

As Jacqui explains, it‘s easy to believe that self care is selfish and self indulgent, but if we don’t look after ourselves we very quickly become depleted, and then feel that we have nothing left to offer others.

Produced by Mike Simmons, with Jacqui Atkinson, of the Association for Counsellors and Therapists online.

A Personal First Aid Kit from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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