A Completely Different Way of Life


Young volunteers help a disadvantaged community in Nottingham

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Year Produced: 1971
Running time: 50 minutes
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For several years a small group of young people did voluntary work in the St Ann’s district of Nottingham, a disadvantaged area. They were not financed by any of the local government social welfare agencies except for the useful provision of premises, nor by any of the established charities. They set out to show that local people and tradesmen would support them to the extent of giving them food. The film shows them at work, running playgroups, giving support (not financial) to deprived children and families, and also, perhaps most importantly, the film makers explore the motivation that persuaded six young people from many different backgrounds not only to opt out of a a comfortable commercially orientated life, but instead of just dropping out, to become active in caring for those for whom prosperity and the luxury life of the Sunday supplements might as well belong to another planet.

A Completely Different Way of Life from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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