The Road Home

The Road Home

DVD2005 45 Minutes

The importance of attachment for very young children, and the effects when it is lacking.

This film, shot in a children’s home in Russia, demonstrates the importance of one to one attachment for the emotional development of babies and young children. The makers were inspired by the ‘Young Children in Brief Separation’ series, which are also distributed by Concord.
There are many poignant examples of the results of the lack of attachment, which in spite of the best efforts of the staff in the home, they are powerless to provide. One little girl tries hard to gain attention, but finally gives up and becomes docile and apathetic, not speaking or responding. Others show obvious distress.
In particular the film follows Tanya, a single mother, and her little son Vanya, and her efforts to find somewhere where they could live together. Finally she was successful, but many other children were not so fortunate.

The film was made partly as a catalyst for change, as were the Robertson films originally.
45 mins

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