Under Control – An Archaeology of Nuclear Power


A look into the inner workings of nuclear power plants.

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Year Produced: 2011
Running time: 52 minutes
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A look into the insular world of nuclear power plants, capturing the essence of what many people see as the only viable energy option for the future. Pushing beyond the public debates, it explores an unpredictable and untameable beast, which demands more from mankind than we can possibly hope to give it. Travelling through the secretive inner workings of a nuclear power plant, we journey into a deeply alien world. ‘A human being can of course mess up, push the wrong button, turn the wrong control’. Incredible images of the pulsating blue glow surrounding the fuel rods in the reactor core give an eerie impression of both the beauty and the threat of this source of energy, and its immense radioactive power.

English commentary and subtitles.

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