Tim Bond in Conversation with Frank Wills


Counsellor Tim Bond talking about the ethical framework he developed for counsellors.

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Producer: Mike Simmons, University of Wales, Newport
Year Produced: 2006
Running time: 61 minutes
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Tim Bond has played a leading role in the development of ethical practice in counselling – both in the UK and throughout the world. A former Chair of BACP, an academic and a counsellor, his key work, ‘Standards and Ethics for Counselling in Action’, awoke counsellors and psychotherapists to the growing need for ethical and accountable practice.

His work in the development of the BACP Ethical Framework has offered clear guidance to all practitioners, and provides a structure against which challenging and complex issues can be understood and resolved. In this programme he talks to Frank Wills about his background, his ideas and their future development.

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