Thought for Food


Weight loss counselling, focussing on the role food plays in a person’s life.


It’s all too easy to imagine that the solution to issues around weight management is simply to exert a little willpower. To eat less, to start eating the ‘right’ foods and to stop eating the ‘wrong’ ones. Evidence suggests, however, that the issue is far more complex for the individual concerned. The fact that we have a multi-million pound slimming industry in the UK with magazines, special foods and clubs all dedicated to the concept of weight loss, and yet we still have an obesity problem, indicates that a diet focussed strategy is not necessarily the most effective one to adopt.

Jan Gray argues that without considering the role that food plays in a person’s life such an approach is likely at best to fail and at worst to cause psychological harm. She offers a unique insight into an approach which doesn’t consider that the client is at fault, but rather, as a result of a series of life events, has developed a way of thinking about food which leaves them deeply vulnerable. As a consequence the initial focus of the work needs to be the thought processes – not the calories.

This programme consist of three full length counselling sessions and a studio discussion. There are chapter markers at five minute intervals.

It will be of value to anyone trying to help someone struggling with weight management.

Edited and produced by Mike Simmons. 2012
3 hours 8 minutes

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