Therapists and Professional Negligence: a Duty of Care?


Covers essential elements of the law relating to counselling.

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Producer: Counselling DVDs
Year Produced: 2014
Running time: 86 minutes
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The programme with its accompanying booklet is designed to cover essential elements of the law which are relevant to a wide range of counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and therapists in the UK. It consists of two separate programmes: ‘Counselling, Ethics and the Law’, which looks at the main boundaries and structures which define the law in the UK, and ‘The Case of Dr Theodor Werner’. which looks at issues of professional negligence, with specific reference to therapists.
It is an introduction to the UK legal system as it relates to counselling rather than an alternative to taking legal advice.

By Peter Jenkins, Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Manchester University

With chapter markers

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