The Working Back


The causes of back pain, and preventive measures.

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Producer: The Back Care Centre
Year Produced: 1980
Running time: 32 minutes


Part 1 This Canadian film is designed to promote awareness of the causes of back pain and is suitable for a preventative health programme with adults or young people. The film stresses the importance of good posture and of the right and wrong way to lift heavy objects. Diagrams show the structure of the spine and help to explain how easily back pain can be caused and how simply it can be avoided. Running time: 9 mins

Part 2 Shows more examples of the right and wrong way to lift heavy things and stresses particularly the importance of the pelvic tilt to give correct posture and exercises to strengthen the stomach muscles. Running time: 9 mins

Part 3 Explains the importance of correct posture in the modern electronic office setting. Running time: 8 mins

Part 4 Shows exercises which may be done to firm up muscles which control the back, and how to avoid back trouble. Running time: 6 mins

Although made some years ago the issues raised and examples are still current