The Language of Faces


Classic film questioning the basic values of our society.

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Year Produced: 1962
Running time: 15 minutes
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‘We are setting a thousand fuses to the earth..’ What sort of values has a society which spends more on weapons of death than on starving children? How can children learn the difference between play and war when guns are displayed in public parks and war toys abound? Perhaps the real enemy is fear, and by trying to live without pain we are no longer able to feel and live fully.

But what can one person do? Gandhi said ‘Those that say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means..” A group of Quakers find that a silent vigil at the Pentagon speaks in the language of faces where words are inadequate. Festival prize winner. Made in 1962, in Black & White. but still relevant.
Director John Korty

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