The Human Brain – Anatomy


Shows the dissection and examination of a normal human brain. For medical students.

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Producer: Runwell Hospital, Essex
Year Produced: 1997
Running time: 35 minutes
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This programme shows the dissection and examination of a normal human brain. Dr Marco Rossi, Consultant Neuropathologist at the Corsellis Collection, Runwell Hospital, Essex, performs a standard dissection, explaining what he is doing and what he is seeing, taking the viewer through a close examination of the features revealed.
Dr Rossi examines the brain as a whole, identifying the individual lobes and showing the features from the basal aspect, such as the cranial nerves and mammillary bodies. He carefully reveals the corpus callosum. During the coronal dissection, each lcm section of the anterior forebrain is examined. This is followed by the dissection and examination of the posterior forebrain, occipital lobes, brain stem and cerebellum.

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