Del (England Their England Series)


Problems of a young unmarried mother – drink, drugs and violence.

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Producer: David Naden for Central Television
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 30 minutes
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Can the English cope with being parents? What happens when family life becomes a curse rather than a blessing and can social services really provide an adequate substitute? Del was an unmarried mother at 17, having been in care since she was 11, with a history of drink and drugs, batterings and a suicide attempt.

Yet as her periods in care and her relationships with stable families and church groups show, she is capable of responding to affection and admitting her need to be wanted. She talks about her need to be wanted but her difficulty in expressing affection, and about her feelings towards and her relationship with her daughter; the “thing” she didn’t want, refused to have aborted and now tries to love despite resenting her colour.

With her daughter having already once been taken away from her and put into care after unsubstantiated allegation of mistreatment, is the cycle of Del’s life merely repeating itself or is there any hope for a future?

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