The Global Banquet

The Global Banquet

DVD2010 54 Minutes

Multinational food companies strangle small farms and degrade the land

Part 1. 27 minutes Who’s Invited?
Giant International Food Companies
World Trade Organisation (WTO)
North American Freed Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Bank.
Time & Place The Year 2000. Worldwide
Who pays for the banquet? At the expense of small farmers in USA and in developing countries.

Part 2. 27 minutes What’s on the menu?
Low-Cost Cash Crops Earth’s resources
Genetically Modified Crops Food Patent ‘ Biopiracy
Short-Term Profits Animal Cruelty
Land Acquisitions Small family farms
Environmental Havoc Cheap Labour

This provocative film explores the politics of global food security —- a security threatened by the policies and practices of giant international food producers, trad and financial institutions. To facilitate classroom or group discussions, the two segments are structured for independent viewing..

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