The Food Factor


Examination and explanation of food allergies, which can be deadly.

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Producer: Granada Television
Year Produced: 1984
Running time: 27 minutes
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One person in ten has an allergy. In many cases the allergy takes the form of a mild rash or sickness but allergies can be fatal. So little is known about allergy, however, that few doctors diagnose it or have any idea of the dramatic effects it can have. Some of the most controversial allergies are those related to food. Until now, doctors have been reluctant to believe that food allergy could cause anything more serious than a bout of vomiting. Now some of the UK’s most eminent doctors have discovered a food link in a wide range of illnesses asthma, eczema, migraine and epilepsy among them. They are proving that by prescribing special diets they can treat what was once thought to be untreatable.

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