The Eye of the Storm


The original blue eyes – brown eyes experiment in a junior school.


The effects of prejudice are made patently clear as cameras record a unique two-day experiment conducted by a primary school teacher in a Midwest, agricultural community. On the first day the teacher separated her class into “superior” and “inferior” groups, based solely on eye colour. Blue-eyed children were “superior”; brown-eyed children were “inferior”. On the second day the roles were reversed. Attitudes, behaviour and classroom performance were measurably changed as children suffered segregation, discrimination and the devastating virus of prejudice.

Testimonial:”Initially, way back in my fledgling trainer days I watched Jane Elliott’s ‘The Eye of the Storm’ and was amazed at the impact that it had on me. The radical experiment using children produced results that were controversial but undeniable. For me this was a defining moment in my development as a trainer and, more importantly, as a human being. Much later I watched ‘The Angry Eye’ a follow-up to the first film using university/college students instead of young children. This reinforced the learning for me. The film projects a strong message to the receptive which has a direct relationship to my students, personally and professionally, as they progress as probationary police officers. It is my intention that Jane Elliott’s brave message be a part of my teaching on every course.” Sergeant Delaney, Surrey Police.

This film was made in 1973, so the film and sound quality is not to modern standards. This should not diminish its value as a moving historic record.

Two follow-up films – A Class Divided and Blue Eyed – are also available.

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