The Clumsy Counsellor


Typical mistakes a counsellor might make, in 13 ‘chapters’.

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Producer: University of Leicester Multimedia Services
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 13 minutes
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Loaded Remarks from the Client’s Perspective. This DVD contains twelve examples of types of response that might be made to a client: each of them is either clumsy, inappropriate, sexist, or just plain wrong! They are typical of the mistakes counsellors and therapists might make. Since discussion of each scene is likely to last at least five minutes, using all twelve scenes takes over an hour.
Directed by Michael Jacobs.
In 13 ‘chapters’:
1. Introduction by Michael Jacobs
2. ‘In a few weeks’ time you’ll be feeling much better’
3. ‘Oh, I forgot, I’m not here for the next two weeks’
4. Bored, sleepy and distracted counsellor
5. ‘I think you look very attractive this week’
6. ‘You know as well as I do that you mustn’t do anything like that’
7. ‘…and I do have some gay friends’
8. ‘I think you’re angry with me…I don’t get angry in that way’
9. ‘…you’re not sure you can trust me to look after your inner child’
10. ‘I.. wonder whether you might not be wasting your time coming here’
11. ‘I’m very grateful that you’ve been able to share all this with me’
12. ‘I remember what it was like… they’ll be over it in few years’ time’
13. ‘‘You’re doing extraordinarily well for a woman living on your own’.

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