The Atomic States of America

The Atomic States of America

DVD2011 70 Minutes

The history and impact to date of nuclear power in Amerca - the truths and myths about nuclear energy.

Like the USA, the British Government has recently approved the first new nuclear power plant in 32 years, heralding a “Nuclear Renaissance”. But that was before the Fukushima accident in Japan renewed a fierce public debate over the safety and viability of nuclear power.

The Atomic States of America journeys to nuclear reactor communities around the USA to provide a comprehensive exploration of the history and impact to date of nuclear power, and to investigate the truths and myths about nuclear energy.

From the gates of Three Mile Island, to the cooling ponds of Braidwood, IL, the film introduces people who have been on the front lines of this issue for decades: community advocates, investigative journalists, renowned physicists, nuclear engineers, Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspectors, and former government leaders.

Based in part on Kelly McMasters' book “Welcome to Shirley”, about growing up in the shadow of the Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island, the film explores the evidence for serious health consequences documented by people living in Shirley, as well as near other nuclear facilities. Their concerns call into question who can be trusted to provide truthful information, and how much influence the nuclear industry has over the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and its decisions.

As we stand at the crossroads of a possible Nuclear Renaissance, this film inspires informed discussion on the safety, viability and future of nuclear power.
Please note: The DVD contains two versions. One 70 minutes and the other 90 minutes

"Recommended. The Atomic States of America does a good job of introducing this difficult and extremely complex topic to the general public."
– Science Books and Films (AAAS)

"Recommended. Powerfully warns of the dangers of a nuclear renaissance."
– Video Librarian

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