Talking about being Old and in Care part 2


Malcolm Brown talks to residents in a home in Scotland.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queens University Belfast
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 38 minutes
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A series of three films entitled “Being Old and in Care”. In this series Malcolm Brown interviews elderly residents from residential homes in the Strathclyde region and from them draws insights about both growing old and living in residential care. The interviewing style is gentle but direct and the respondents give freely and openly of themselves and their lives.
Each interview paints a picture of the person’s life and the circumstances which led to admission to residential care. The level of help offered in reaching the decision to come into care and the amount of control the individual had over the decision are commonly covered. Of particular interest are the insights offered into the quality of life in a residential home and to particular problems such as expression of sexuality, of attitudes to death and dying, and of disabling illness.

Part 2 contains five interviews, three with elderly women and two with men. Four have come into residential care within the past five years while one lady whose speech is very restricted following a stroke has lived in the unit for fourteen years. Three of these interviewees have lost all contact with the adult children with very little understanding of the reason why. Use of this tape reinforces the idea that most families need help to resolve their feelings when a member is admitted to a residential unit, as a common way of handling pain and guilt is to avoid the painful situation. Watching this tape would motivate most professionals to invest time and skill in enabling families to handle the pain and keep in contact. Three of the residents interviewed are stroke victims and so the tape also gives good examples of the impact of a stroke and of communicating with someone with a speech difficulty.

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