Suicide of Young People: Anita talks about the death of her son Richard

Suicide of Young People: Anita talks about the death of her son Richard

DVD2002 30 Minutes

Anita talks about her son’s suicide.

18. Richard died two years previously at the age of 16 years. He had been due to go on a skiing with his school that day. He had partially packed his things but was subsequently found by his mother in the garage having taken his own life. Richard’s mother, Anita, was devastated by her son’s death, had no idea that anything was wrong and carries a great deal of guilt for what happened. One big regret is that she never actually told Richard that she loved him and wonders if he knew that she did. She is hurt that a police officer was heard to comment that clearly he did not want to go on the school trip. This may have been the case but he had been twice before and appeared to want to go again. Anita wondered if there was any bullying involved. The headmaster rather pooh-poohed this idea but apparently insisted on being present when the boys were interviewed by police on their return from the skiing trip - which would certainly have made any whistle blowing more difficult.

Anita comments that after a holiday, the return to work brings questions about how the holiday had been. A return to work after a longer absence dealing with the death of a child brings no questions. She makes the plea that friends, neighbours and colleagues should speak about the death even if it brings tears. Ignoring the death is much more hurtful. Both parents were upset that the police had left Richard’s watch etc lying on the side in the kitchen. The unexpected hourly chime was distressing but poignant for them.

Part of the series The Suicide of Young People and its Impact on the Family.

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