Striking Back at the Empires


Unethical practices of trans-national companies, opposed by trade unionists.


The film asks what can be done about the problems posed by giant trans-national companies. As international organisations, they can play off government against government to seek the best incentives for investment. And they can play off worker against worker, threatening to pull out of any country where workers refuse to accept lower living standards, worse conditions or harder work. The film shows that growing numbers of trade unionists are against competing with foreign workers. Instead they favour co-operating with their colleagues abroad to share information about company plans and to develop strategies to protect jobs and improve working conditions. It focuses on two companies, Ford and Kodak, where aided by the GLC, international links have been successfully forged by shop floor workers.

Made in 1984 this film reflects the cultural attitudes, industrial background and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless.

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