Sex Change – Shock! Horror! Probe!


Gender identity and transexuality issues explored.

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Producer: Kristiene Clarke
Year Produced: 1989
Running time: 45 minutes
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This programme explores the subject of gender identity and the issues that rage around transsexuality. Problems do not go away once the operation has been performed: non-recognition of their new role, and fear of exposure, especially in the popular press, continues to affect the lives of transsexuals. The legal system has changed since this film was made, but the situation for some people remains difficult. A number of people describe their lives and how attitudes have affected them, including a local councillor, a glamorous business woman and a man who took his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Ann G. Is a bus driver. Was born a biological woman but also felt she was a man. She had an operation to change her sex status. Life continues to be difficult.

Mark R. Was born a female and birth certificate says that. But Mark does look masculine. He took his case to the European Court of Justice who said the birth certificate could not be changed. British Government said a birth certificate is a historical document and historical facts do not change. But one needs to show a birth certificate sometimes. Mark is still seeking legal recognition that his status now should be that of a man.

Rachel W. Was born female, had a daughter. Is now accepted to be male but is not allowed to see her daughter by the local social services.

Stephanie L Was born male but has always felt female. Things got so bad that she finally felt she had to choose between suicide and surgery. Now looks completely female and runs a beauty shop.

Adele A. Is a transwoman and performs professionally with two other women in a song and dance act.

All four talk about their fears and hopes as they faced life in 1989

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