Rebel with a Cause: Walter Wolfgang


The unwarranted use of the anti-terrorism laws.

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Year Produced: 2005
Running time: 25 minutes
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Walter Wolfgang was a childhood Jewish refugee from Hitler. He became an accountant and a lifelong member of the Labour Party and a constant opponent of injustice. He was opposed to Tony Blair and Jack Straw for their invasion of Iraq and achieved unwanted fame when he was removed from the 2005 Labour conference for daring to shout ‘NONSENSE’ during Jack Straw’s speech. Here he discusses with Tony Benn how, under New Labour, democracy in the Labour Party was destroyed. Also he shows examples how the right to protest in a wider context was destroyed. A single protester on the streets of Brighton has his full personal details demanded by the police because he wears an anti Blair and Bush T-Shirt and carries a placard. An 11 year old girl is stopped and searched on a demonstration at a U.S. airforce base. The Anti-Terrorism laws are used in a draconian way to intimidate people.

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