Raised Voices


Children’s rights, illustrated by children themselves in different countries.

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Year Produced: 1993
Running time: 30 minutes
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About children’s rights. In the words and action of children themselves, it examines the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which gives children various rights, such as freedom of expression and association. In South Africa, children write their own Charter of Rights, to present to political leaders; in the United States, a girl with AIDS visits schools to talk to youngsters about the disease and prevention; in the U.K. primary school children work with their local council to clean up their neighbourhood.

In Brazil, a street children’s organisation helps legalise children’s rights, against violence and murder, and at the Earth Summit, 1992, an 11 year old Guatemalan girl makes an astonishingly powerful speech against war, (brought tears to the eyes of this reviewer). UNICEF/Moving Times. Suitable for adults and children over 11.
Although made some years ago the issues raised are still current

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