Playing Our Part after 50


Citizenship and participation of black and minority elders: five inspiring individuals.

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Producer: Policy Research Institute On Aging And Ethnicity (PRIAE)
Year Produced: 2000
Running time: 28 minutes
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Citizenship and participation of black and minority elders: this inspiring video shows five individuals who remain firmly rooted in their community. However, they are also determined to play their part in society. Mrs Induben Seth from Kenya leads a group of women who raise money for charity among other things; Emanuelle Adebiyi from Nigeria works for racial equality and young people in Bristol; Shu Pao Lim, from Burma, does yoga and helps cancer patients; Betty Campbell was the first black head teacher in Wales, and is now an independent councillor, and Mr S.S. Kohli founded a multi-faith centre for elders in Glasgow. He says, ‘If you want to be happy in retirement, keep yourself active and busy.

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