Pascale Petit: The Survival of the Artist and of Our World


Glass and perspex beautiful sculpture installations by artist and poet Pascale concerned about Fragile Earth. Important exhibitions.

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Producer: Elisabeth Kozmian Ledward,
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 36 minutes
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The fragility of Pascale’s glass and perspex and natural materials sculptures is reflected in her words about Fragile Earth which is All we Have to survive. Pascale’s experiences of being in a glass incubator as a baby are probably the deep source of her boxes and installations. The film portrays her Royal College of Art MA show and Pandora’s Box exhibitions, also Natural History Museum show. Sometimes disturbing and yet beautiful – these glass sculptures and her words reflect feelings about sanity and madness, about life and death her mother suffered mental illness. Flowing images interwoven with Pascale’s words and poems.

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