Nicaragua: Report from the Front


Eye witness account of the war in Nicaragua in 1984

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Year Produced: 1984
Running time: 32 minutes
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Told through the eyes of American journaists, it is an in-depth, first-hand look at United States foreign policy towards Nicaragua, as it was being played out along the border between Nicaragua and Honduras in the 1980s. They were able to film the first footage of the secret counter-revolutionary base camps in Honduras. The abundance of U.S. supplied weapons, the political organisation of the ‘contras’, and their background in Somoza’s hated National Guard are all examined as the film makers patrol. This material is contrasted with a subsequent trip to the same area of Northern Nicaragua with a battallion of the Nicaraguan army. These eye-witness scenes from both sides of the war are interwoven with interviews and statements from President Reagan, UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, and Nicaragua’s Foreign Minister Father Miguel D’Escoto. USA. An interesting historical document.

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