Ment fittz

Ment fittz

DVD2018 112 Minutes

Wellbeing & Fitness programme for relief of Anxiety and Depression

Mentfittz is a unique behaviour, wellbeing and fitness programme that is designed to be used while a client awaits any CBT or counselling appointment. It promotes physical activity and mental wellbeing at home, and is designed for anyone suffering from Anxiety or Depression which will allow them to understand, relate to and manage their own Anxiety or Depression whilst getting a workout at home at the same time. It can be followed by anybody. It starts with Aron Adams demonstrating physical exercises, and then he talks about how to overcome anxiety and depression. Developed by Aron Adams.

This programme can be rented on our Video on Demand system for £1.50 For this you can view as often as you like within a 48 hour period of your own choosing.

£22.50 plus postage