Meeting Quakers

Meeting Quakers

DVD2001 20 Minutes

Present day Quakers explain their beliefs.

Quakers was a derogatory nickname given to members of ‘The Religious Society of Friends’ by a judge at a time in the 1670s when they were persecuted for their beliefs which placed duty to God above their obligations to the state. In this film various Quakers talk about their beliefs. Scenes show their Sunday morning service, called ‘Meeting for Worship’. The word ‘Meeting’ is used to denote a local group and there are ‘Quaker Meeting House’s or a ‘Friends’ Meeting House’s in most towns. Most local Meetings are small, 20 to 30 attending on a Sunday morning. There are no priests. Members and Attenders (participants not in membership) sit in silence waiting for God (whatever is meant by that word) to speak to them, and if moved to do so, will stand and speak. Although small in numbers, Quakers in Britain have been and still are active in social welfare, whether on a local scale or internationally. There are also scenes in the film of the annual national gathering, although not of the ‘Yearly Meeting’ (lasting usually 3 or 4 days) which is the top decision making body and in which every member has the right to take part. By the way, the Quaker Oats company never had any connection with Quakers. The company just stole the name.

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