Medical Ethics - A Life Worth Living?

Medical Ethics - A Life Worth Living?

DVD1980 60 Minutes

When is a doctor justified in not prolonging life, particularly in babies born with serious conditions? Hypothetical situations discussed.

Hypothetical situations based on real life.

This programme concerns newly born babies. A baby is born with dreadful conditions and is not breathing. Should attempts at resuscitation be made? And if not, what are the legal consequences?
A baby is born paralysed from the waist down. Should a very complicated operation with a small chance of success be undertaken?
A baby is badly brain damaged at birth. After a month it has a life-threatening condition which needs simple surgery. To operate or not?

Moderating a discussion on the above scenarios is Paul Sieghart with Graeme Snodgrass, paediatrician; Jenny Levin, solicitor; George Terry, Chief Constable of Surrey; John Lorber, Professor of Paediatrics; Sir Melford Stevenson, High Court Judge; Garry Hambleton, paediatrician; Richard Cook, Surgeon; Sir Douglas Black, President of Royal College of Physicians; Vivian Moxon and Marion Ringrose, Sisters in Neonatal Units; Neil Kay, Director of Social Services, Sheffield, and Lord Edmund Davies, Law Lord.

Although made in 1980 this is still a very useful programme not only for medical students but for anyone working in a medical or caring situation.

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