Making the Most of Supervision

Making the Most of Supervision

DVD2012 114 Minutes

The role and benefits of supervision in counselling.

Supervision is an essential component of a counsellor or therapist’s working life. For many trainees, however, the prospect of starting supervision can be a daunting one. They may well have heard about the supportive, formative and normative functions of the process, but they still find it all too easy to imagine that visiting a supervisor is pretty much the same as being called in to see the head teacher and be told off!

Suitable for people who want to learn how to use supervision and who want to know how to get the best out of the supervision they’re offered. It consists of two DVDs. In the first of these Lesley Spencer and Els van Ooijen discuss with Mike Simmons the functions of supervision, how best to prepare for it, the ingredients of good supervision and how to respond if it starts to feel as if things are going wrong. In the second they demonstrate by means of two role plays in initial supervisory contract and a subsequent supervision session.

This programme will be of real benefit to trainee and novice counsellors and therapists at the start of their careers and, perhaps, to more experienced ones too!

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