Journey of No Return


Problems faced by spouses when their partners develop dementia.

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Producer: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Year Produced: 2006
Running time: 46 minutes
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Mental Health in later life – dementia

What it’s like when your life-long partner develops dementia. Several families are shown, as they cope with this heart-rending loss, and have to adapt to being with someone who is the same person, yet completely different. Daphne requires full time care, and her husband Jack visits three times a week, but she barely recognises him. Ken is trying to keep his wife Joan at home, but it’s increasingly difficult.

This film follows the journeys of three people with dementia and their carers over a period of one year. The film explores issues including early diagnosis; early, middle and late stages of dementia; insight and denial; decision making; loss and bereavement; relationship centred care; carers’ needs.
This insightful film presents a very honest and intimate account of the relationship changes and the enduring love between persons with dementia, their carers and their families and the supportive role that a range of professionals and volunteers can provide
Reviewer’s comment ; Highly recommended.

Target audience: care staff, nurses, doctors, community groups, general public, churches.

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