Ishvar Gupta


Dreamer Indian artist, living in Britain, voices his unusual arts philosophy, while making mythical artworks and living from odd jobs.

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Producer: Elisabeth Kozmian Ledward
Year Produced: 1983
Running time: 24 minutes
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Ishvar from Bihar in India, is a gentle dreamer whose artwork, rooted in Indian myths and ancient, ethnic and primitive arts, is portrayed in this film, while he voices his philosophy. Disgusted with commercialism in art, his own aims are very different – to help better understanding between people of different cultures, and spiritual goals of friendship and love. He liked sketching at the British Museum. Although he came to Britain on a British Council Scholarship in 1971 and studied at St. Martin’s School of Art, later at Sir John Cass, he continued to do odd jobs and stayed at friends homes, dreaming of his own studio; eventually he got deported. Yet, he got commissions, painted large murals at community places, made textile collages  and his symbolic clay sculptures are special, and all documented in film.

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