Infinite Space

Infinite Space

DVD2008 90 Minutes

The architecture of John Lautner, pupil of Frank Lloyd Wright

As a young man. John Lautner broke with his mentor Frank Lloyd Wright, and went to California to forge his own unique style of architecture. His life was marked by innovation and inspiration, endless battles with building codes, an accidental leap into the epicentre of pop culture, bitterness of lost opportunities, and finally - monumental achievement. Lautner was idolised by young modernists, criticised by academics, and beloved by his clients. It was a life in persuit of beauty. “INFINITE SPACE explores Lautner’s dramatic spaces with choreographed camera moves as Lautner himself provides the commentary ... with comments from Frank Gehry and the peers who were influenced by Lautner and the emotional memories of clients, owners and builders. “ - Art Daily
Special features architect/author Frank Esther comments on eight special portraits of Lautner masterpieces.

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