If Only We’d Known


Three aspects of pregnancy

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Producer: Health Education Council
Year Produced: 1979
Running time: 23 minutes


A series of three films designed to ‘trigger’ discussion on the subject of pregnancy, ante-natal care, sex outside marriage and related issues.

DEBBIE AND LINDA. 13 mins. Debbie is sixteen and still at school. She thinks she is pregnant and needs someone to turn to for advice. She visits her friend Linda, who is also expecting a baby. Their conversation covers a number of myths concerning pregnancy and abortion. The audience is asked questions about what Linda has said. Then a real doctor corrects these myths and makes suggestions as to what Linda should do.

CLINIC TALK. 6 mins. Debbie has just had her pregnancy confirmed and is paying her first visit to the ante-natal clinic. There she meets Sarah who is having her second child. A short discussion covers issues connected with the mother’s responsibility for the care of her own and her baby’s health during pregnancy and working during pregnancy.

SARAH AND ERIC. 4 mins. Sarah arrives home late after a visit to the ante-natal clinic to tell her husband Eric that she has been told to take things easy and rest for a week. Eric persuades her to come to the pub with him, to continue working since they cannot afford to be without her money and she was, after all, perfectly all right when she had a first baby. Eric then reviews what he has said in the film and puts questions to the audience