Getting Better

DVD2010 11 Minutes

Animated programme for people with learning disabilities, about going to the doctor or dentist.

A short animated DVD made mainly for people who have learning disabilities. It shows what to expect when you go to the doctors, or the clinic, or have an eye test or see the dentist. It contains six stories about people with health problems. They all have learning disabilities, and one is a wheelchair user. Patients are seen asking questions and sticking up for themselves. Health workers are also shown helping by:- Being friendly and treating everyone with respect Explaining things simply Talking to the person, not the carer Giving people plenty of time Listening to what carers have to say. All the voices on the soundtrack are those of actors with learning disabilities. There is a booklet with the pack. Made by Leeds Animation Workshop in consultation with Mencap, CHANGE and the National Health Service

£27.20 plus postage