Food For Thought Parts 5 – 8


Many aspects of food and diet.

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Year Produced: 1984
Running time: 180 minutes
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Food for thought parts 5 – 8

5 Choice Cuts
Looks at food processing from smoking and picking to preservation in sugar and the canning process. Much food was adulterated in the interests of making profit until regulations were introduced. This adulteration was initially counteracted by the Rochdale Pioneers. In the present day many of the foods available in supermarkets are owned by large multinational companies who are more concerned about profits, packaging and marketing than nutritional considerations. The competition is too great for smaller shops, who are forced out of business.

6 Looking at the Labels
What is actually in the food we eat? More information is now given on many labels – but not enough: for instance, the actual quantity of sugar or fat in products is not specified (situation as in 1994).

7 Planning for a Better Diet
What is actually going to be done to improve people’s eating habits? The money spent of health education is nominal compared with that spent on advertising. In some schools, lessons are aimed at promoting a greater understanding of nutrition, but this is sometimes undermined by the meals provided in the school canteen.

8 The Future of Eating
Some changes are taking place. Leaner meat is being produced and fish farms and being established. The government could support these changes, but at the moment it is being cautious. Is the freedom of choice which we think we have at the moment really so free?

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