Everything’s Going Berserk


A child psychotherapist talks with children about war and weapons.

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Producer: The Medical Campaign against Nuclear Weapons.
Year Produced: 1989
Running time: 17 minutes
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A discussion between child psychotherapist Lynn Barnett and a group of children aged between six and nine. It probes their feelings and attitudes towards war and peace, nuclear weapons and what they think they and adults could do about them.

Suggestions include writing to the Queen and going to the moon with gas bags, but there are also more realistic ones. The children want to discuss these issues, and adults need to have explored and come to terms with their own feelings, so they don’t confuse their own emotional needs and responses with the children’s. The video should be a useful discussion starter.

Made in 1989 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless. The film quality may not be to modern standards.

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