Every Child Can Learn (CD)


A robust learning programme which helps children with developmental delay positively progress at home and in school.

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Producer: Katrin Stroh
Year Produced: 2011


CD-Rom `This book is clearly written, jargon-free and well illustrated, including a CD. The authors describe in detail the treatment of Developmental Delay in young children, using the principles of Functional Learning. Parents are included from the outset to learn the techniques to continue treatment at home. The methods can also be used in educational settings. It is full of practical and fundamental knowledge and is highly recommended’ – Professor Lionel Hersov, Professor of Psychiatry and Paediatrics

Every Child Can Learn provides a wonderfully clear account of how children with a developmental delay can be helped to gain communication and problem-solving skills by exploring and using a range of ‘learning tools’. The book and accompanying CD-Rom are highly unusual in being immensely practical, well adapted to what children like to do, and deliberately focused on learning through success. The authors’ approach is based on a wealth of experience over many years. It is highly distinctive in having a well thought-through conceptual approach that involves a recognition of the need to tailor interventions to individual needs and particular family circumstances.

Most of all, it provides a way to help children move on step by step as they progress in their development. Anyone working with children who experience developmental difficulties will learn an immense amount from this splendid guidebook’ – Professor Sir Michael Rutter, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London `Thank goodness there is now a clear and practical guide to this groundbreaking technique. The unique teaching approach described in this book helps children even those with severe learning difficulties to learn how to be ready to learn, spontaneously, from all their daily experiences. It is so well presented and explained here that I’m determined to recommend it to all the professionals and parents meet.