Domestic Violence Education Series


Overview of the work of agencies and others concerned with domestic violence.

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Producer: Barnsley Television
Year Produced: 2004
Running time: 120 minutes
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Gives an overview of the work of statutory agencies and other professionals who are working at the forefront of domestic violence. Focusing on the work of South Yorkshire Police, it gives an idea of the scale of the problem and shows how it is being dealt with. There are six separate interviews: a specialist domestic violence police officer explains how the police are developing new approaches to the problem, a solicitor explains the legal aspects, a specialist domestic violence counsellor talks about his work and the dynamics of family relationships, a clinical psychologist who has worked with the perpetrators of violence, a midwife talks about domestic violence and pregnancy, a child protection specialist explains the links between child abuse and domestic abuse, and finally there are two interviews with women who have been abused. On two DVDs

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