Domestic Violence + Asylum Seekers in the UK


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Producer: Barnsley TV
Year Produced: 2005


This DVD contains two learning packs in PDF format.

A. 40 pages on Domestic Violence
B. 50 pages on Asylum Seekers.

The Domestic Violence Series learning pack by no means contains information on every aspect of domestic violence. The subject is too large and complex to be able to do that here. The aim of the learning pack is to provide the learner with an overview of some of the issues about domestic violence from a variety of perspectives. Few people beyond organisations that specialise in domestic violence issues are familiar with the work of different agencies and voluntary groups, such as Women’s Aid.
The learning pack is particularly relevant to people who need to gain an understanding of the so-called ‘multi-agency’ approach to domestic violence in Britain that has been prevalent for the past few years. 
What is Domestic Violence?
The History of the Law and Marriage
Example of Good Practice – Women’s Refuges
The Police Response to Domestic Violence
Police Priorities in Cases of Domestic Violence
The Crown Prosecution Service Response to Domestic Violence
Attitudes towards Domestic Violence by Young People
Specialist Domestic Violence Courts
The Cost of Domestic Violence
Risk Factors: What Characteristics does a Perpetrator Have?
Personality Profile of a Perpetrator
Many more aspects are covered in the programme

The Asylum Seekers Learning pack
Please note this learning pack is now 14 years old and therefore the actual statistics will be out of date.
General Facts and Figures about Asylum
Asylum Seeker Applications
The Experience of Asylum Seekers Coming to the United Kingdom
The Top Ten Countries of Origin of Asylum Seekers in 2004
Snapshot of Asylum Applications in the First Six Months of 2005
Top Ten Countries Worldwide Receiving Asylum Seekers in 2004
Variations in Countries of Origin of Asylum Seekers
Many more aspects are covered in the programme