Did You Used to be R.D. Laing ?


The life and philosophy of psychiatrist Dr R.D. Laing.

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Producer: Third Mind Productions.
Year Produced: 1987
Running time: 92 minutes
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Frequently drawing on stories from his own life, and from his patients’ experiences, Laing presents his insight into the art of therapy, the lies we tell each other in the name of love, the recurring patterns of behaviour which sometimes can be traced to birth, and the regrettable human instinct to suppress any behaviour and thought which is strange or disturbing. A very human portrait of the psychiatrist, philosopher, poet and prankster, made in Vancouver by Kirk Tougas during the last two years of Laing’s life. Shown on Channel Four UK. ‘.. a fine example of the subtle directness and simplicity that Laing asked for.’ (Guardian). ‘..not just a thinker of great originality and genius, but also a man of compelling charisma and a superlative teller of jokes of the dour Glaswegian variety.’ (Time Out).

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