Cystic Fibrosis (Clinical Biochemistry)


Shows the symptoms, diagnostic testing, treatment and biochemical basis of cystic fibrosis. For medical students.

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Producer: Leeds University
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 20 minutes
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Cystic Fibrosis is an autosomal recessive condition which results in severe respiratory, digestive and other health problems. Although management has improved considerably in the past 20 years it is still a seriously disabling disease.

The programme, divided into four sections, discusses the symptoms, diagnostic testing, treatment and biochemical basis of cystic fibrosis

Section one, Presentation, demonstrates the incidence, presenting features and ongoing health problems associated with this condition.

Section two, Diagnostic Testing, looks at DNA analysis in the laboratory with the Elucigene CF12 test kit. Following amplication by PCR, DNA samples are separated by electrophoresis to check for possible CF mutations.

Section three, Treatment, is an examination of the combined use .,f drugs and physiotherapy to reduce the damage caused by the disease.

Section four, Biochemistry, shows how in a normal individual mucus lining the air passages in the lungs is thin because it has a high water content. The role of trans-membrane regulators is vital in allowing chloride ions and water across cell membranes. The failure of these regulators in cystic fibrosis causes the symptoms of the disease.

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