CBT. Three Films on C.B.T.

CBT. Three Films on C.B.T.

DVD2007 412 Minutes

An Introduction to CBT, CBT Skills in Practice and CBT for Depression, all together.

An Introduction to CBT

Aimed particularly at people with little prior knowledge of CBT, this DVD explains what a Negative Automatic Thought is, what a Thought Record looks like, what the difference between a Conceptualisation and a Formulation is, what a Vicious Cycle is and much more. It shows how a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Frank Wills, works,

CBT Skills in Practice

Frank Wills conducts a series of unscripted CBT therapy sessions with a colleague, Jan Gray, acting in the role of client.

CBT for Depression: Behavioural Activation and Cognitive Change

The application of the CBT approach to depression, a treatment area in which CBT has a well-established track record. Working with a colleague acting the role of a client, Frank Wills demonstrates the approach and discusses progress in a series of studio discussions.
All three programmes together:

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