CBT. Three Films on C.B.T.


An Introduction to CBT, CBT Skills in Practice and CBT for Depression, all together.

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Producer: Mike Simmons, University of Wales
Year Produced: 2007
Running time: 412 minutes


An Introduction to CBT

Aimed particularly at people with little prior knowledge of CBT, this DVD explains what a Negative Automatic Thought is, what a Thought Record looks like, what the difference between a Conceptualisation and a Formulation is, what a Vicious Cycle is and much more. It shows how a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Frank Wills, works,

CBT Skills in Practice

Frank Wills conducts a series of unscripted CBT therapy sessions with a colleague, Jan Gray, acting in the role of client.

CBT for Depression: Behavioural Activation and Cognitive Change

The application of the CBT approach to depression, a treatment area in which CBT has a well-established track record. Working with a colleague acting the role of a client, Frank Wills demonstrates the approach and discusses progress in a series of studio discussions.
All three programmes together: