Brushing Teeth

This short instructional film illustrates the Bass or Vibratory method for brushing teeth

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Producer: Liberation Films
Year Produced: 1981
Running time: 4 minutes
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This short instructional film illustrates the Bass or Vibratory method for brushing teeth. It starts by questioning the usual approach: “Many people believe that strong vigourous brushing and lots of toothpaste will get their teeth clean. Is this true?”, and then indicates the places where plaque can accumulate, “in the caps between the teeth and around the gum line.” The plaque is then discolosed using an edible food dye. The vibratory technique is then clearly demonstrated by a detnal hygienist, showing various positions of the brush necessary for the removal of plaque from the different surfaces of the teeth. After the demonstration a series of children’s mouths are show to illustrate that “no two sets of teeth are the same … there isn’t just one correct method for brushing teeth. The only correct method is the that gets your teeth clean.” The film us best shown with the “the Trigger Film on Teeth, which question basic attitudes towards oral hygiene.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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