Broken Rainbow


Confiscation of Red Indian lands for exploitation

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Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 70 minutes
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Poetic film about the forced relocation of 12,000 Navajo Indians which took place in Arizona. The federal government claimed to be settling a land dispute between the Hopi and the Navajo tribes. In fact the relocation was only to serve to facilitate uranium and coal exploitation. 25% of the first group of Navajo adults died within six years. Through interviews with the traditional Navajo and Hopi leaders and already relocated Navajos the film explores the tragic and far-reaching effects of the genocidal programme. The film speaks for all Native peoples who are struggling to survive as individuals and as separate cultures in the face of western technology and “European” values. Narrated by Martin Sheen with Burgess Meredith, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Senmu Huautes. Winner of many awards including the 1985 Academy Award for best documentary feature.


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