Booom + The Big If


Cartoons on the arms race.

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Year Produced: 1979
Running time: 11 minutes
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Cartoon on the arms race. This animated film was jointly produced by the United Nations and the Prague Documentary Films Studio. It takes a humorous look at a grim subject: the arms race which dominates the budget of so many nations around the world. Like the film “Attention” it shows the development of weapons through the ages but then it concentrates on the present situation where an uneasy balance exists which could all too easily be triggered. First prize: short subject, Cannes. 1979.
Also included on the DVD is ‘The Big If’. 11 mins.
Czech cartoon which looks at the relationship between world poverty and the arms race. If all the money spent on weapons could be spent on food, housing and health, we could make the world a better place to live – a dream perhaps – this is the big if. United Nations. 1982.

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