Between Ourselves


A look at a young women’s group at the Elfrida Rathbone Centre in Islington. A supportive women’s only space to talk about problems and learn about their bodies helping to overcome embarassment and gain confidence.

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Producer: 20th Century Vixen
Year Produced: 1988
Running time: 15 minutes
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Young women with moderate learning difficulties who attend the Elfrida Rathbone Centre in Islington have set up a women’s group. They wanted space to talk about problems and learn about their bodies. In a supportive, all-women environment they were able to overcome embarassment. They informed themselves about their needs and rights, and gained confidence to express their feelings about serious and difficult issues. They also had a lot of fun, and hope that other similar groups can learn by their experiences.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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