Behind the Cocaine War


The Political situation in Colombia.

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Producer: Equal Media
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 52 minutes
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In one of the most violent and militarised regions of Colombia, the Magdalena Medio, courageous people are struggling for democracy, and for the rights of ordinary people to stay alive. In fact several brave people were killed during the making of this documentary. Jorge Gomez, a human rights activist and lawyer, Orlando Gaitan, President of the Peasant Association of Carare, a pacifist organisation recently awarded the Alternative Nobel prize, Horacio Serpa, head of the FILA group striving for democracy, a target for assassination, and Braulio Mancipe, the first elected mayor of his community, bravely speak out. The situation is complicated by the fact that the army is strengthened by the USA fighting the cocaine war.

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